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ERLAI Events

Events on immigration and asylum around Europe are listed below. You can also find ERLAI meetings and initiatives that are regularly held in Brussels. They represent opportunities for sharing good practices from the regions and liaising with the EU institutions on legislative developments and funding opportunities.

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Brussels, 18 December 2015 – "Asylum in the EU: present and future challenges”

The initiative is organized in the context of the coordination of the Italian regional offices in Brussels and the ERLAI Network.
The aim of the meeting is to provide an overview of the measures defined at EU level to answer present and future challenges linked to the asylum situation and an update on their implementation.

Organised by Emilia-Romagna Region

Brussels,  21 September 2015 – Urban dialogues: migration and asylum in cities

This debate is the second in a series of Urban Dialogues organised in partnership by The Centre and EUROCITIES. The series will explore how to better tackle some of the EU’s current challenges by joining up European and local solutions.

Organised by EUROCITIES & The Centre

More information at Edelman Brussels website.

Brussels,  25 June 2015 – Integrating migrants in the labour market: a win-win situation for both migrants and society

This event is dedicated to the integration of legal migrants in the labour market (third-countries nationals coming to the EU for family reunification, work or study).

After recalling the benefits of their integration, the conference looks into remaining challenges such as the divergence of legal frameworks and the recognition of skills and qualifications.

Good practices regarding employment are shared by various organisations coming from several Member States.

Organised by European Economic and Social Committee

More information at EESC website

Brussels,  15 June 2015 – Integration in the new EU Migration Agenda

On 13th May, the European Commission presented a new European Agenda on Migration which highlights the measures that the European Union should take to build a coherent and comprehensive approach to better manage migration in all its aspects.

This meeting, organised by ERLAI and EARLALL networks, encourages the debate on current challenges and the new EU-wide strategy to improve integration policies across the EU. It enables the participants to discuss on opportunities for EU regions and local authorities.

Organised by ERLAI and EARLALL networks

Brussels,  18 March 2015 – Changing views: Roma in Europe

The final conference of the project Roma Matrix takes place in Brussels,  in the Théâtre du Vaudeville, and intends to present the project results.

The project Roma MATRIX aims to combat racism, intolerance and xenophobia towards Roma and to increase integration, though a programme of action across Europe. It is one of the largest Roma inclusion projects in the European Union, involving 20 organisations, among which ERLAI members, in 10 EU member States.

More information at the Roma Matrix project website.


Brussels,  26-27 January 2015 – European Migration Forum

The European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee organise the 1rst meeting of the European Migration Forum on 26 and 27 January. The objective of the meeting is to discuss the need for a comprehensive response to the mixed migration flows through the Mediterranean.

The European Migration Forum is a platform for dialogue on the EU agenda for migration, asylum and integration, managed by the European Commission in cooperation with the European Economic and Social Committee. More than 100 civil society organisations, regional and local authorities from all EU member States participate in the event, which is hold once a year. Representatives of the ERLAI network attend this 1rst meeting of the EMF.

Organised by European Commission and European Economic and Social Committee.

More information at the EMF website. 


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