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Support to EU projects

Logo ErlaiERLAI gives its supports to EU-funded projects as an associated partner. This implies dissemination and promotion of project results activities. ERLAI members have the opportunity to learn from other projects, to exchange information and good practices, and to networking with other regional and local authorities.


JMDI - EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative

The JMDI supports civil society organizations and local authorities seeking to contribute to linking migration and development. The Joint Initiative also aims to 1) set up and reinforce networks of actors working on migration and development and 2) identify good practice in this field and share information on what actually works at the local and international level among those who are active in this field with a view to 3) feeding into policy-making on migration and development.

In advance of the launch of the EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI)’s new report, “From Migration to Development: Lessons drawn from the experience of Local Authorities” UNDP Brussels launches an open e-discussion on the role of Local Authorities in Migration and Development, jointly moderated by IOM Rome. The discussion aims to bring together local authorities and civil society groups, including diaspora and migrant associations, to share existing initiatives and discuss how local authorities can work with civil society and others to make migration work for development. The discussion will be launched on Monday, 6th September 2010 and will run for approximately four weeks, in French and English.

The JMDI is implemented by the UNDP Brussels Office in association with IOM, UNHCR, UNFPA and ILO, and funded by the EU Thematic Programme of Cooperation with Third Countries in the Areas of Migration and Asylum 2007-2010.

ROUTES Project - Integration of third country nationals

ROUTES aims at setting up transnational cooperation networks to exchange best practices in the field of immigrants’ integration. The project will contribute to increase the collaboration between public entities, NGOs and associations. It also aims at identifying the most effective policy approaches in guaranteeing an appropriate response to integration needs. In particular, the reinforcement and development of consultation mechanisms at a local and regional level represents the most suitable way to maintain a dialogue between immigrants and hosting communities, as well as with those institutions and other stakeholders involved in the integration process.

ROUTES is an EU funded project under the INTI programme 2006, and Veneto Lavoro is the project leader.

CIEN - Good Practices In Citizenship And Coexistence In European Neighbourhoods

Over the last few years, many European cities have developed town-planning intervention experiences accompanied by actions to strengthen social cohesion, to promote a more solid coexistence and to prevent the appearance of racist and xenophobic incidents in neighbourhoods with structural problems, where most of the immigrant population is concentrated. CIEN´s goal is to generate knowledge through the exchange of experiences about policies for the promotion of citizenship and coexistence, developed in European neighbourhoods with a high concentration of non-EU immigrants, in order to transfer this knowledge to European cities.

CIEN is an EU funded project under the INTI programme 2005. The project leader is Deputaciò de Barcelona.

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